Apophyllite on Chalcedony

Both Apophyllite and Chalcedony are both great aids in the spiritual realm but have metaphysical attributes that are unique to each mineral, that are combined in this beautiful crystal:

•Chalcedony is an absorber of negative energy, which is great but it can get blocked up so it is a good idea to cleanse it with smudge or selenite every once in a while.

•it’s an alleviator of benevolence and instills a feeling of generosity.  

•Apophyllite is a strong stone for connecting the physical body to the spiritual realm.

•Aids in stress, depression, and anxiety.

•High vibrational energy within the light body.

•Promotes spiritual wholeness and guiding you in successful meditations.

Approx. 7” x 4.5” x 1”

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