The Artists

At Scout + Gem, we make it a priority to recognize the artists that make the uniquely beautiful works of art that are displayed in our shop. Find appreciation, inspiration, and most importantly, get to know who makes your favorite pieces. 

Cleopatra's Bling

Olivia, the jeweller behind the beautiful designs, was born a wanderer. From childhood, surrounded by trinkets, crystals and her treasure chest. With an overwhelming sense of adventure – that something else is always waiting to be discovered. Cleopatra’s Bling was born from an adoration of travel, the etherial, and the symbolic.  A fusion of eastern allure and western style. 

Dreamed up in Paris, Olivia moved to Turkey to learn the art of adornment in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. She carved wax, hammered metals and sourced stones while sipping on thick Turkish coffee. Today, Olivia is between Istanbul, Paris and Melbourne with a scarf in her hair, and a ring on every finger. She creates jewellery with emotional and historical relevance, dipping into the collective memory, all while respecting ancient jewellery-making traditions. Olivia wishes that her creations remind us all of our innate connectivity, our cosmic relevance and hopes that they accompany you throughout your discoveries. 

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Sarah created ALLOYD Studio in 2016 after discovering her passion for jewelry design. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been fascinated with unique rocks and minerals. Naturally, this has become the main focus to all of her designs. Most of her jewelry is bold and has a bohemian vibe to it. Everything is largely inspired by ancient cultures and she loves to add a touch of primitive design to all of her pieces. 
ALLOYD Studio offers high-quality handmade jewelry for the free-spirited woman. Each piece is inspired by ancient cultures and celebrates the beauty of natural stones and rustic metals. All of our pieces are handmade in Boynton Beach, FL by the owner, Sarah Kuehn. Sarah has been studying the arts since she was 16 years old and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Several years ago she discovered her passion for jewelry design and in 2016, ALLOYD Studio was born. 

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Enclave Gems & Co.

Nick Morse has always been around jewelry much of his life. When he was just 9 years old, his family acquired their first bead store in Sacramento, CA. Let the obsession begin… 
Being constantly surrounded by creative and artistic types, absorbing technique after technique but never really having a style to call his own, his family opened up their first Southern California store in beautiful Santa Barbara, where he ran and carried on the family business. It was in SoCal where he managed to cultivate and define the style so apparent in his designs that we see today, a very modern, contemporary style with a definite boho twist. One thing you’ll spot in every one of his pieces? Gemstones of course! But also a design that piques the imagination. “Whenever a person sees one of my pieces and it makes them think just a little bit more, maybe do a double-take, then I’m happy that I did my job.”


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Moon and Lola

Kelly Shatat (a.k.a. LOLA) is the pharmacist-turned-jewelry designer behind all designs at Moon and Lola. Kelly founded the North Carolina based jewelry, accessories and lifestyle brand in 2003 with one mission: to make people happy! Kelly, a creative type at heart, turned to designing jewelry to fill the creative void left after leaving a career in pharmacy behind. She got her start in the jewelry business by making and selling her designs at a Junior League holiday show in North Carolina. After much success with the show, she started traveling around North and South Carolina, having trunk shows for her pieces. Now her once creative hobby has expanded into a successful woman-owned business. 

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