OOAK Ocean Jasper Teardrop Pendant

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This necklace is one-of-a-kind (OOAK) by Sarah Keuhn of ALLOYD Studio. She made this beautiful setting out of scratch wax and then cast it in bronze. It hangs from a high quality gold filled chain that will not tarnish. Sarah designs all her pieces to look like ancient artifacts with a modern twist. 

Chain length: 22”


The chain is plated in gold to keep it from tarnishing, but please keep the necklace from perfumes, dyes, water, and sweat to ensure it’s longevity. 

All of ALLOYD Studios’ jewelry is meant to last for centuries, but proper care is highly reccommended to maintain their beauty. One of the best ways to keep your jewelry looking new is to wear it often! When not wearing, store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably a plastic bag. Air and moisture will cause oxidation of the metal which makes it darker and more dull. A good jewelry polishing cloth is a great way to bring luster back to your piece. 

Follow these steps to minimize the natural tarnishing process:

  • Keep your pieces dry and free from moisture.
  • Remove your jewelry before bathing or swimming.
  • Avoid applying lotions, perfumes, or other sprays while wearing your jewelry.
  • Store them in an air-tight container or bag.
  • Never get bleach or chlorine on your jewelry. 

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