Crystal Cleansing 7 Ways

December 16, 2019

Crystal Cleansing 7 Ways

1. Selenite

Selenite is a relatively cheap form of mineral gypsum that is always great to have around when you have crystals that need energy cleansing pretty regularly. Just keep a few pieces around your collection, and it should help with blockages. Although, it is water soluble, so it's important to keep this one away from liquid. 

2. Running water

Allowing river or creek water to run over a crystal for a few minutes is one of my favorite ways to cleanse a crystal as you are performing the physical act of cleansing. It is important to point out here that you must research any crystal you are about to get wet. Some minerals, like malachite, can release toxic fumes when wet, and other crystals can be water soluble. Here's a brief list of crystals that should not be cleansed with running water: halite, any form of gypsum, calcite, sodalite, malachite, lapis, and untreated turquoise. Just to name a few.  

3. Sunlight

Another of my favorites. Crystals look so pretty sitting along a window ledge and sparkling in the natural glow of the sun. I usually only leave mine out half an hour to an hour, as some crystals, especially colored quartz, tend to lose its color gradually in the sunlight. 

4. Smudging

A time old tradition that, not only cleanses your crystals, but cleanses your or your surrounding's energy. Take a bundle of dried herbs of your choosing and waft the smoke over your crystals. Be careful to not leave any flame unattended, and make sure to have a smudge dish or nonflammable surface to place the bundle on when you are done! Herbs like blue sage, white sage, cedar, lavender, fragrant flowers, etc., are all valid options for the ritual, but dried wood like palo santo is also an option. Palo santo especially is an amazing air purifier, and can even be stirred into a cup of tea to help alleviate cold symptoms. 

5. Moonlight

The full moon is one of the best nights of the month to lay your crystals out under the moon's luminescent glow. The moon has strong cleansing powers of energy that is especially potent during the final stages of it's cycle. I would not recommend laying out your crystals on nights where it is raining or has a chance of bad weather. Remember to lay out your crystals in a spot where they can't be easily taken! 

6. Salt Water

Cleansing your crystals in the ocean is probably your first thought when seeing this option, but if you don't live near the ocean, like myself, then you can also make a salt water solution at home. Just take a tablespoon of table salt and mix it thoroughly into a bowl of water. Submerge the crystal in the ocean or solution! The rules of salt soaking a crystal also have exceptions. Go back to #2 to see some crystals that should not be submerged in water, and do plenty of research on any mineral you are attempting to cleanse through a liquid method. 

7. Visualization

This method is the best for keeping your crystal in perfect condition, that is if you are unsure the previous methods are applicable to the particular crystal(s) you are trying to cleanse. Although a tad bit intimidating at first, visualization does require you to be sure of yourself and direct your energy towards a certain object. Simply close your eyes and hold your crystal in your hand. Imagine a dull light surrounding your crystal. As the impurities flush out, imagine the light getting brighter, and the stone becoming more pure. It can be a deeply personal experience that requires no specific amount of time. 


Thank you for reading! 
xo, Liz