All About Quartz: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and More!

February 18, 2019

All About Quartz: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and More!

As the most abundant mineral on Earth, quartz may be common but in no way does that make this stone insignificant. This stone is essential to any mineral collection, and comes in so many different colors and sizes. Just because all these minerals fall under the "quartz" category doesn't mean they don't have their own unique uses! Here at S+G we have a variety of quartz, so we wanted to use this post to describe their differing uses, meanings, and properties. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a highly powerful stone that amplifies the energies of the crystals around it. Remember to cleanse this one often, though, as the energy it amplifies can turn toxic if the energy around it is negative. Since this type of quartz can pick up energy very easily, it is important to set your intentions into it as to program the energy you would like to keep around you. One way to do this is to hold your quartz in your hand, and set your intentions in your mind. Quartz is one of the most sensitive minerals to your needs, so setting your intentions with this stone can be extremely beneficial to you.

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Rose Quartz

Known as the "stone of love" it is not surprising that this rosy pink quartz promotes desire and love. Now when we think of rose quartz, we often associate it with romantic love, but it has so many more uses than just that! Love in a platonic relationship, familial relationships, and the relationship to oneself. It has a powerful affect in finding acceptance within the self, and in one's situation. For maximum benefits, hold to the heart as rose quartz works best when held at the heart chakra. 

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Ranging from pale yellows to bright oranges, citrine is among one of the rarest forms of quartz and is the most commonly faked crystal on the market, as it is so easy to duplicated by heating up amethyst. Don't let this scare you off from this crystal entirely as it does have highly beneficial properties. You can usually tell if citrine is fake if it is being sold at an unusually low price.

Citrine is the stone of joy, which is exactly what you feel when you hold this sunny colored quartz. It is renowned for being a powerful force of positivity, driving away demons and darkness surrounding it. 

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My personal favorite, this bright lavender quartz gets its unique color from irradiation and impurities of trace metals like iron. It is a mineral that encourages creativity and originality, bringing clarity to the mind. Amethyst also calms the mind during times of great inner or outer turmoil, making it perfect for your meditation practices. This stone is very mind-based, which makes it no surprise it is used often to stimulate the crown chakra. 

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Smoky Quartz

The darker of the quartz family, smoky quartz ranges from a translucent grey to an opaque black, although black smoky quartz is hard to come by. A stone for building a solid foundation in your root chakra, this dark quartz is filled with an abundance of positive change. A lot of the time when you are deep in a rut, it is often a problem with the root chakra. Smoky quartz works to correct the alignment in this chakra, and find balance within your life. Though it is dark in color, it associated with sucking away negativity and bringing light to your spirit. 

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Spirit Quartz

The most interesting aspect of spirit quartz is not necessarily its color, but its formation; this form of quartz can be found in a variety of colors and can be identified by a central point surrounded by lots of smaller points. Each little point exudes a high vibration that has the ability to align the entire chakra system, which is significant. It helps to ward off low self-esteem and to let go of feelings of inadequacy. Like clear quartz, spirit quartz also heightens the energy of the crystals surrounding it.

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Even if you do not believe in the metaphysical aspects of crystals, I really do believe they set a positive vibration within any space they are in. They are aesthetically beautiful to look at, and help you to remember your intentions. 

Leave your favorite form of quartz in the comments, even the ones that are not mentioned in this article! 

Good vibes only,

Liz, owner. 

Scout + Gem, LLC.

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